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  • Louise's Tahiti Specialist Program

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    I am Louise Kays, one of the agents at Brea Village Travel.  I LOVE Tahiti, Bora Bora and the surrounding islands in the South Pacific. Many years ago I worked as a Tahiti Specialist for the first tour company ever to package tours to Tahiti, and my love affair began. Well, it actually began when I was a very little girl and got a grass skirt and lei and danced the hula for my family and friends.....I have always dreamed of far away places and swaying palm trees, seashells, sunsets and swimming with the beautiful tropical fish.  Well, forward 30 years and I realized my dream when I went to Tahiti for the first time...It was beautiful, the fragrance of the flowers in the air, the tropical breeze, the charming friendly people and the most incredible tropical fish I'd ever snorkeled around, and the water is bathwater warm with visibility of 150 feet!  Tropical fish were lacy purple with yellow polka-dots, electric blue, vivid hot pink & turquoise sea anemone...I was hooked...I think you should will be too.

    It is always 80 degrees in Tahiti and only 8 hours from Los Angeles. The combination of colorful Polynesian culture and beautiful island flora and fauna combined with the French flair of gourmet cuisine makes for an out of this world experience in dining while there. Go ahead, take the plunge, let me help you plan the ultimate trip of your lifetime. Its so worth the time and money. You will be changed forever, I was.

    I am studying with Tahiti Tourisme now to refresh my knowledge and become a Certified Specialist in Tahiti and her Islands.  I hope to realize my new dream of returning to see how time has changed her. I think she will be like a fine wine, or woman, and have aged gracefully.  The same amount of tourists visit Tahiti and her islands in 1 year as does the  Hawaiian Islands in 12 days, so you can get an idea of the peaceful calm and luxurious solitude you will experience there,


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    Hello Travel Lovers,

    Welcome to Brea Village Travels first blog. We celebrated our 21st year in business this year and are highlighting it by starting a travel blog!   Many of you have come to our office in Brea Village Shopping Center just west of the Brea Mall in So. Cal. or have spoken to us by phone or email. Now we can all share more deals, experiences and fun ideas!

    Our agents have decades of experience and love helping people plan their trips. We know how important your trip is and we research from among all the industry’s most reputable suppliers to get you the best price and trip for your hard earned money and vacation time off.

     We arrange all travel services including independent vacation packages, customized itineraries, escorted tours, cruises, and more.  We can help you with your destination wedding, family reunion, even the smaller, unique, tours and cruises other agents don’t even know about. Just ask, we are specialists in finding that perfect trip, be cooking, wine tasting, hiking, bicycling, or a great spa resort for R&R.

     Although no travel agents can go everywhere, we try!  Khim recently visited Kauai to check out hotels and is in New Orleans this weekend seeing how the Big Easy has rebuilt itself since Katrina.

    Louise just got back from a tour of Huatulco, Mexico..a charming eco friendly resort town  with 9 beautiful bays. She is currently refreshing her knowledge of the South Pacific by completing her Tahiti Specialist Certificate. Our agents constantly update their knowledge by attending seminars, noting  feedback from clients and  professional associations to be on top of the best deals, resorts, cruises and tours for you!



  • The adventure begins

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    Hello Brea Village!!!!

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