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  • Tourist-friendly law introduced in China

    9/19/2013 1:57:31 PM Link 1 comment | Add comment

    China will start implementing its first tourism law on October 1st. Travel agencies will be required to demonstrate more price transparency, stating clearly what they are charging and what’s not included in tour packages. However, the number of people signing up for tour packages seems to be falling. Just two weeks away from the National Day Holiday, at a park in Shanghai, more than 20 travel agencies have gathered to promote their tour packages, warming up for the holiday season. However, many people have just come to learn more about a new tourism law rather than make plans for their holidays. Since the new tourism law forbids additional fees and forced goods purchases arranged by travel agencies, tour package prices have gone up by an average of 20 per cent. The rising prices, plus the potential travellers who have decided to wait, has meant that tourist flow has suffered a downfall of about 20 per cent compared to the same period last year. Before, small travel agencies often ran gimmicks that lured tourists in and slapped hidden charges on unsuspecting tourists once they’d signed up. When the new tourism law takes effect, such practices will be strictly monitored and punished to ensure the best interests of travellers. According to the tourism bureau, tour package prices now are actually within a normal price range as the agency’s grey income has been removed from the list. Many travel agencies have already redesigned their tour packages in compliance with the new law and for the past two months, complaints about travel services have declined by 5 percent. Now, local tourism bureaus and industrial and commercial bureaus are revising new tourism contract forms to be released before October 1st. 

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